DTG Printing London


Retail quality printing with vivid colours and soft feel.

Are you in need of a fast and high-quality customized full-color printing job? Look no further than Direct To Garment (DTG) Printing. This advanced printing technique is perfect for your order, offering one of the most advanced options available in the industry. With DTG Printing, your customized design will be completed in almost no time, ensuring impressive results.

Direct to Garment Printing, or DTG

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing involves digitally printing an image directly onto a piece of clothing. similar to how the typical inkjet printer prints on paper. With our DTG method, we can print full-color graphics without requiring any preparations, which speeds up the process for small and large quantities.
For one-time occasions, modestly priced orders of small quantities, etc., this kind of procedure works pretty well.

What annoys you about other DTG print vendors?
The bulk of other DTG print vendors have restrictions on print quality, as you will discover.

This is due to:

They employ INKJET desktop printers that have been rebuilt or modified to print on fabrics, clothing, and other items. The quality and speed of the printing on these modified machines are not up to “commercial grade” quality & requirements because they were not intended for this use.
Bright pigment printing is not possible using the program or inks. Numerous clients may note that the outcome is dull or faded, especially on white clothing. This is a result of the inks’ relatively runny/thin viscosity, which causes them to bleed as soon as the ink droplet contacts the clothing, making the print appear faded or dull.

How awesome our DTG Technology is!

We have invested in the best commercial-grade direct-to-garment digital printing equipment available.

This translates to: We can offer you vivid prints on t-shirts that are light and dark in color.
We can give you prints that remain vibrant after the first wash and do not fade.
We can always give you printing that is of Fashion Grade retail grade.

Finishing Options (minimum qty 12 units)
Polybag Packing
Swing Tagging
Size Tag/Label Changing
Customised Packaging & Boxes
Sticker Labels
Logistics & Transportation Solutions


Great for Small & Large Run quantities.
Full-Colour Printing on White and Dark Garments
No Screen Setups
Quick turn around
Screen printing grade washability
Doesn’t Crack or Peel


Not suitable for cool dry or coarse fabric garments
Not suitable for Polyester/Poly Blend Fabrics
Suitable for Cotton rich based garments (i.e. cotton tees, hoodies)
Cannot match exactly to Pantone PMS colours

DTG Machine Printing London

What type of process do you need? If you don’t know, don’t worry! We’ll give you our recommendation. (Screen Printing, Digital Transfers, Digital Printing, Embroidery etc)

How many colours in total your artwork has, if you’re using screen printing. (e.g. Front Chest Print = white, red, green & blue = 4 colours) Please select Colours for each separate print position.

Please make sure you have the highest quality (300dpi)

Maximum size 20MB. PDF, DOC, Ai, EPS, JPG By Sending us any Artwork or Mockups you will allow our team to get back to you quicker and to also provide an accurate quote. All files are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Add multiple files by clicking the BROWSE button.

Please include any artwork you have, even if it is only a rough draft or mock-up, as it will help the quoting process.